a tale of time

Time to play :)

Hi everyone. Tuesday’s our official start. Please review the map and your player secrets.

Ready to start?

Gearing up to start week one will be updating the portal more throughout the week.

A blog for your campaign

o.k. people I’ve got the site up and running for this campaign! notice there’s “a tale of time” and “the tale of time”. we are “a tale of time”. (issues with editing an old never begun campaign)

So for those of you that have never used obsidian portal there are tons of perks! The best of them being having all the info for the campaign all in one place. There’s places for your character sheets and bios. Currently they say that they belong to me but as soon as you “claim” them the name will change over. if you dont want your character sheet viable to anyone but the dm and yourself let me know and ill tweak your character.

There’s a wiki page for each mission that i’ll update with the title and a few teasers prior to that weeks game play. Once we’ve played that week I’ll update again with what happened that week. so if you miss a week you wont be lost or if you just want a refresher. :)

ok thanks for making an account guys! have fun!


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